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My name is Tom Vanthemsche, I am a young entrepreneur.

I have my own store located in Sint-Genesius-Rode, Where we make our own chocolates and ice cream, with an eye on quality and distinction.

I followed my training bakery at Ten Groene, with a speciality in chocolate and ice cream. Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be a chocolatier/ice cream maker. I used to spend my days making all kinds of food in the kitchen. By making all these diches, I discovered a fondness for ice cream, which is still present today. I did my internships at Wittamer in Brussels (Zavel), at Neuhaus in the laboratories and at Valhrona, Tain l'hermitage, in France with Jeremie Runel and Alain Chartier, both excellent and reknowned chocolatiers/glaciers. In coherence with these internships, I also worked in the kitchen of Neuhaus where they make the stuffings, as well as the Cote d'Or boetique where I tudored demo's and workshops. It was there I became MaƮtre Chocolatier and responsible for the production of chocolate in the store.

Since then, the store located in Sint-Genesius-Rode became available to be, It only seemed natural to turn this into a first class business, all in concordance with how I seemed it fit. Our ice cream is made with fresh farmers milk and the sorbets consist off 60% fruit, which is highly unusual. This is usually around 40% and consist of more sugar, while the main idea of the sorbet (which is the fruit) is lost. During the season I stive to work with the freshest frutis available. On top of that we also make ice cream cakes, which are available in almost any flavour.

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